Our Firm

Altius Building Company was created in 2002 from a desire to offer the same level of service, quality, craftsmanship, and ingenuity as large local contractors, but without the associated cost premium. Born out of an extensive 60+ year-old construction group (Beyer Construction), Altius continues that legacy with a winning combination of sophistication, cost structure, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Merit Shop

Altius is a merit shop contractor, affording us the opportunity to award trade work packages to the best qualified contractor for a given project, regardless of whether they are union or open/merit shop. This affords our clients the best of both worlds. In addition to the aforementioned, we believe that it is in the best interest of our client for Altius to continue to invest in and excel at managing projects, not craftwork. We are fortunate to have relationships with some of the best local craftspeople and organizations, and in the spirit of reciprocity do not self-perform any trade or craftwork.


We specialize in civic, commercial, healthcare, multifamily, and senior living construction services. Our focus is on providing customers superior service and true value on their projects from concept to completion. Today, Altius Building Company has a team of committed and accomplished experts who serve a client base reaching from Milwaukee to Green Bay, and into Madison. We continue to carry on our value with a ‘customer first’ focus.

Our Clients’ best interest is our top priority, and the quality of each project is paramount. Our staff is comprised of motivated and skilled construction management professionals, with an average of nearly 30 years of experience. Our team is educated in all disciplines of the construction process. Extensive value engineering, attention-to-detail, and clear channels of communication contribute to bringing our projects in on-time and on-budget, while not sacrificing safety or quality. We know what a best-in-class product looks like and we won’t sign off on or ask a client to accept anything short of excellence. Our philosophy has afforded us continued success, a multitude of awards, and has allowed us to build long-lasting relationships in the industry. The value that our professional staff contributes to each project far exceeds the cost.


Altius is a boutique company intentionally so that clients have the confidence that their project is our top priority.


We limit the number of projects undertaken at one time to ensure we can deliver a dedicated level of service and excellence to each client.

We Are Altius Building Co.