The Latest Technology

We use the latest construction technology. With IR Thermal, we can determine moisture damage, electrical issues, and energy conservation. Using drones provides on-demand, real-time visual record, making it easier to communicate, determine distance, perimeter or volume. We use innovative management and scheduling software as well, making Altius Building Company a cutting edge market leader in the industry.


When analyzing construction technology trends, modular technology is among the top leaders. The efficiency of modular technology allows Altius Building Company to run parallel operations on a given schedule. This results in getting projects completed faster driving a quicker return on investments.

Swift. Sustainable. Strong.

We use a technology platform with a digital thread that goes all the way from software design to the building site.  This system is efficient in identifying constructability issues and solutions. Our specialization of wood-frame construction translates to reliance on a renewable resource and as a result promotes reduced CO2 emissions.


Weekly drone flights help to capture progress across an entire job site. Our teams have the potential for an on-demand visual history of the latest construction progress, making it quicker and safer to communicate the most up-to-date progress on projects to our clients.

We Are Altius Building Co.