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Development Integration

In today’s fast-paced environment, clients require professionals in the industry who can provide skilled research and analysis for development. Using Altius as a development partner provides a seamless orchestration from the seed of an idea to project completion. Our development integration services work with private individuals, corporations, and municipalities in all aspects of site selection, due diligence, financial modeling, feasibility, entitlements, market analysis, financing, schedules, design and coordination. To learn how we create value to increase the ROI for a development check out this video.


Providing an integrated approach to Development Consulting and Construction Management combines capabilities, serving our clients with unprecedented value. This strategic mode delivers dramatic savings in time and money, through effective and continued communication and collaboration. Regardless of the scope of service on each project, our clients can count on us to not just meet, but to exceed their expectations. Personal integrity, trust, and transparency come standard on every project.

Development Services

Before any work begins, our development integration service team can conduct a comprehensive and extensive feasibility study to understand the viability of the proposed plan. This exercise looks at each part of the project, as well as its entirety to determine if and how the project should be pursued. The feasibility study complements the market analysis which seeks to define the intersection of supply and demand, finding a market for a specific project’s use at a given price.


Using our capabilities and considerable experience, Altius can propose viable structures, prepare the loan package and approach lenders to help our clients secure financing for their projects. Capital risk is reviewed, and loan programs analyzed. An in-depth financial model may include projected sources and uses, proforma, cash flow forecasts, investor returns, along with identifying any need for subsidies. Altius also works with local municipalities, providing a projection for tax increment financing, attending public hearings, and securing approvals as required.

In addition, we provide a variety of due diligence services customized to client specific needs. Due diligence can address a collection of issues associated to property titles, easements, encumbrances, liens, and other hurdles related to acquiring real estate. We can also secure, coordinate and review third party reports to evaluate any property and zoning restrictions, licensing requirements, environmental issues, or legal compliance matters.


  • Financial Modeling
  • Site Selection Evaluation
  • Feasibility & Returns Studies
  • Zoning & Project Approval
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Market Trend & Competitive Analysis
  • Preliminary Site Design
  • Financing & Capital Budget Creation
  • Waterfall Modeling
  • Due Diligence Review
  • Third-Party Due Diligence Coordination
  • Schedule & Phase Development
  • Municipality Advocacy
  • Loan Package Preparation

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